Opinion: The Internet Is Getting Small And Boring. Long Live Tumblr.


This internet feels small, and it’s shrinking every day as its algorithms make everything feel increasingly the same. Amid all this, Tumblr has been a safe harbor of delightful, weird, and deeply human stuff, presented using the radical system known as reverse chronological order. This shouldn’t be rocket science, and yet here we are: Somehow, Tumblr is the only social media platform I use that just shows me the posts from people I follow, in order of when they were posted. The further I scroll, the older posts get. And that’s beautiful. Algorithms don’t try to anticipate what I want to see, and neither is my feed determined by the whims of a random group of people who can up- or downvote things into oblivion.

hey guys, i wrote some words about tumblr.

Opinion: The Internet Is Getting Small And Boring. Long Live Tumblr.


It has been brought to my attention that I am no longer searchable or findable on tumblr (search or dm). So, I guess you’ll have to fanmail me if you want me?

So! Tumblr settings DONT have my blog marked as explicit, but postlimit.com DOES. Have filed an appeal, but if I’m not turning up anymore after dec 17th, I guess that’s why